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In Operator is used to specify exactly which dimensions to include in a context. Other dimensions in the block are ignored. Adding / removing elements from the block does not impact this calculation unless a removed dimension was specified in the context. In that case a #MULTIVALUE error is displayed.

If there are multiple rows in a report with what appears to be the same data, and the measure being displayed is not set at the universe level to automatically aggregate, the MULTIVALUE error will appear.

  1. Use measure objects that are named "SUM", if they exist - e.g., SUM Actual Month (BAL) rather than Actual Month (BAL) in the FINQUERY Balances folder. This ensures that the balance amount will be properly aggregated based on the dimension objects selected in your query.
  2. Create your own variable to sum the measure within the table (you'll need to do this in all tables in the report, though).
  3. Within the table properties in InfoView or Webi, check the box to under Display to "Avoid duplicate rows aggregation". Note that this feature only exists for tables, and not crosstabs.
Note:Every measure object should be defined Aggregate function in select statement
Note:use Proper Calculation context syntax


1) #multivalue in aggregation
2) #multivalue in breaks header or footer
3) #multivalue in section level.

1:-- the o/p context not include i/p context its  situation
this error occurs.
Ex: in a report i have year,city dia's & Revenue measure is
         =<revenue> In <year>
The above condition will to run the query getting revenue
column #multivalue error occurs.

solution: cilck the formulabar in view menu
         select the error containg cell, edit the formula to
write below condition.
= <revenue> In(<city>,<year>) In <year>
The above formula will run correct data will appear in the
Note: the above condition by default it will take agg "sum"

          the variable in the formula no longer exist in the

Ex:- <product price> * <quantity sold>
The above condition will run this error will occur.

Solution:- Click edit dataprovider--> new object will be
need --> select error cell --> edit formula --> click ok.

         the variable in the formula is incorrect. this
error will occur.

solution : go for data menu --> click variable
select the error containing a cell --> copy the formula in
edit menu --> paste it in new cell --> go for formula bar in
view menu -->  --> take the first error containg cell
-->edit the formula --> repeat the above steps.

#MULTIVALUE occurs when you place a formula that returns more than one
value in a cell that outputs one value only.
Example: Multivalue in a cell
You have a report showing Country, Resort and Revenue and you add a cell
to the report containing the formula [Revenue] ForEach ([Country]).
This cell returns #MULTIVALUE because Country has two values in the
report: u2018USu2019 and u2018Franceu2019.
One cell cannot display the revenues for both the US and France. Placed
outside the table, a cell containing revenue can only aggregate the revenues

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